Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Khaki, Brown and Cream Work Outfit


Khaki Skirt From Old Navy~4.49
Brown Tank From Target 4.00
Love Heart Necklace Gift From Hubby for 2nd Christmas as b/f and g/f
Earring Made From The Extra Links To My Tennis Bracelet 
Ribbon came from Wash clothes From Target
Brown Tights From Macy's~ not sure how much they are I had them for a few years now
CL by Laundry Genuine Flat From DSW~ 39.95~ I got them for 27.96 after my employee discount

Hello Everyone. Happy Tuesday. Today I'm wearing my new skirt that I brought on Sunday. I wasn't going to wear tight today but I felt the skirt is a little short even tho it pass the finger tip rule that we have at work. Which is you skirt must pass you finger tips. So I decide to wear these brown tights. I have had them for 4 to 5 years and never wore them. Hubby tens to go over board when I tell him I need 1 pair of this or that. Which that what happen a few year ago when we went tight shopping. I only need white tight and end up with 4 pairs of tight white, black, brown and teal tight. Which just last year I wore the black and teal one. Before that I only wore the white one. Wearing these brown tight is something very different for me. 




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