Wednesday, April 13, 2011

First Piece of clothing that I brought in 71 days

Hello All.
 So I'm off today. Which I want to try thrift shop again. I used to do it all the time in Germany but haven't find a good place. I came across this website called The Thrift . All you do is put you zip code in and it will tell you all that thrift store around you. After I put my zip in and looked at what was close to me. I saw that there was a Salvation Army not to far to me. Also on Wednesday they have the whole store 50% off on there Clothes, Shoe and etc. 
 So I decide to go check out the Wacky Wednesday at the Salvation Army. That what they call the sale. I arrive there to find  the place jam pack. There was no where to park. So I end up parking in the grass where some other cars where parked. Walked in and hit the blazer area. Didn't find anything cute. So I move on to the dress and skirt area. I ended up finding 2 skirts. So I picked them up and carried them with me as I walked around.  Then I find the junior area. Bingo I find jean jacket. Which some of you know how I'm dying to get one. I try them all on that I like and they didn't fit. So I see another one on display that I liked. So I ask a work to take it down. 
Which he does I see that it 19.99 and tell him I don't want it. So he puts it back up. After that I find a cute pink stripe blazer. Super cute but I see a orange stain on it. So I tell myself that I should be able to get it out. Then I walk over to the mirror and try the blazer on. It looks good on me but only problem is there is more orange stain on it. So I so forget it. Then I try the 2 skirt on. Which I'm not crazy for them. So I go back over to the jean jacket that I fall in love with and ask the same guy if he could get it back down for me. Which he said he is busy. So I tell him its okay take his time. So I see another worker who not busy and asked him nicely if he can get the jacket down for me. Which he does. The first worker come back to me and said O I see you got it down by yourself. I told him no that I got help. Then he tells me I shouldn't have done that because
 someone could have gotten hurt. I then tell him it was a worker who helped me. Which after I told him that he was fine again. I try on the jacket and it fits okay. I go to button it and it won't fit over my boobs. So I tell the worker I'm very sorry but it doesn't fit me and asked him if he wanted to put it back on display. He said no. So I walk out of there empty handed. 
Which is okay because I drove over to Marshall and Ross.  I didn't see anything at Marshall but when I went in to Ross. I find this skirt. I didn't pick it up at first but I keep going back to it. Plus it was the only one. For 5.99 I brought it. Which breaks my record of not clothes shopping for 71 days but its okay because this skirt is so pretty and I see myself remixing it tons of times.  Also the money I used was the money I got from selling my clothes to Plato's Closet back in March. 

So that how I spend my day off today. Also ran errands and clean. I can't wait to wear my new skirt. I going to wear it over the weekend to work. 



  1. Wow what a ass that guy don't go back to that thrift store omg I hate people like that , 71 days omg that's crazy I need to that you my remodel I swear I was just on line on forever 21 looking what I'm going to get next . When a packet just arrived yesterday !!! enough said how did you do it what's your secret everyone wants to know !!

  2. What a great find! I'm gonna check out that website right now.

  3. What a cool website-hopefully it's for Canada too! I love that skirt- very gypsy-esque!

  4. I knew you all would love the website


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