Sunday, April 17, 2011

April 17th Work Outfit

Blogger Bun ~ Just not as high as everyone else

Lace White Cami From Old Navy~Hubby got it for me 
Black Pants From Target~24.99
Headband From a store in Germany
Earring From H&M Got them in Germany
CL Shoe From DSW for 27.96

Hello Everyone. Happy Sunday. This pink polo is getting to be to small and short for me to wear. Trick just layer and it will be fine for work. Plus I like the look of it. So I did the blogger bun today but not as high as some blogger do it but I like how my came out. So after work I went to Old Navy. They are having 40% extra off there clearance right now. So I got 2 skirts. One navy blue and one khaki one.  So I got both for under ten dollar. Which now I just brought 3 new skirt in one week. O well I kind of needed them. There was two shirt I like. I might have to go back for them. I will let you know if I do. 


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