Saturday, November 6, 2010


Hello All. The Stuff to your Left is an AWESOME gift that I got in the mail today from my MIL Peggy. It is a Belated Birthday gift. My Birthday was In July. When I open the box up and saw what I thought was a Pink purse I was like OMG. Then I pulled it out of the box and notice it was a Lunch Box. Which I been wanting a new one. When Hubby and me went shopping a few weeks ago I told Hubby I want a new lunchbox. So he picked on up and put it in the cart at Target. Well I put it back on the shelf because truly I didn't need a new one that bad. So back to the gift. I open the lunch box up to find more AWESOME goodies.

So here all what I got.
1. Pink Tupperware Lunchbox
2. A Pink Tupperware Bowl w/lid
3. A Pink Tupperware Bagel or Salad Bowl w/ purple dressing holder
4. 2 Beautiful Necklace
5. A Pink Tupperware water bottle
6.Pink Ribbon Breast Cancer Awareness Scarf
7. Star Cookie Cutter
8. A Reindeer the poops out Red and Green Jelly beans.

That's Everything I got in my AWESOME package. Two thing about me. I love the color Pink and Christmas is my Favorite Holiday.

Thanks you again Second Mommy. I Love you and you so made my day with this. :)


  1. cool tupperware!!!!!! I wish i had some!

  2. Thanks Ladies,

    I used my lunch box yesterday and Everyone was telling me how cute it was.


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