Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Outift For Work November 24TH, 2010

Up close of the tight and boots

Remix Outfit 
Turquoise Cami From CR~ 7.50 ~I got 40% off
Nine West Earring From the Px
Teal Tights From Macy's~ not sure how much they are I had them for a few years now
Necklace From CR~7.99 I got it for 50% off
Headband From Target~2.99
Impo thunder booties From DSW ~Gift From Hubby
Hello Everyone. I'm not wearing the skirt that is in my outfit lay out. The reason why is the zipper popped when I bent down. Which I'm so glad it happen at home and not work. With that being said I need to buy new work pants and skirts due to I'm growing out of the ones I have. These Teal tights I have had for 3 years and never worn them. Plus I wasn't brave to wear these before and now I'm. One day 3 year ago I want a pair of white tight. Well Hubby came shopping with me and one pair turned in to 4 pair of tights. Which I wear my white ones all the time and I just starting wearing my black one more. I have a pair of brown one to that I have never worn. One day I will wear them.

These Impo boot are super comfy to wear. As you can see if you follow me that I have been wearing them a lot lately. 

One more thing I will be linking the item that I worn before. That way you can click the link and see how it was worn before. I hope you enjoy it.



  1. Dear Amy, Should be a good time to find some great sale prices to replace the skirt and slacks. Very cute boots!

    Love and Hugs,
    WD ♥

  2. Love your outfit! I love the color of the top and the tights! I am a big fan of tights at the moment. We did a post on it recently. Also LOVE the boots.

  3. Black and favorite color combination!

    <3, natasha
    twenty-something blog

  4. You look very Sexy!! =]


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