Monday, November 29, 2010

A Day Late~ Work Outfit For November 28th, 2010/Giveaway at Twenty York Street

A&F Cardigan Gift From Hubby for 21st Birthday
Little Girls Tank Top From Target~4.99
Khaki Pants From Target~19.99
Headband From Target~2.99
Necklace From Target~1.00
Earring From Oma
Brown Belt From Target~6.99
 Boots From Traffic

Hello Everyone. I had no time to post this up yesterday. After work I drove over to Sawgrass Mills Outlet store to meet up with my Hubby. Dsw and American Signature Inc our own by the same people. So I get a discount at both store. So we want to buy a futon for the guest bedroom for are guest to sleep on. So we went to American Signature Inc for it since I get 30% off there. So we found one that we liked and will have it on Friday. So by time we got home last night it was late and we still need to eat dinner. 


Twenty York Street is doing an amazing giveaway right now. So go check out her great blog. She dress so adorable all the time.


  1. Awww, those are kind and sweet words Amy, thank you! And thank you for posting about the give-away, I'll be sure to mention it at my next post!

    p.s. Lucky you to get all these discounts!


  2. Those boots look great on you.

    Doesn't getting great discounts make you feel a little happier?

  3. Thanks Ladies. Yes is does make me feel a little happier with getting discount.

  4. Love your outfit!
    You look great.


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