Monday, November 29, 2010

What to do with Old Christmas Cards~Craft Idea

Back of Card give to me over the years

Add stamps to them
The finish Look

 Hello All. Today I bring you a little Christmas Craft Idea. I know we all must have cards laying around from over the years and have no Idea what to do with them. I know some or most of us throw them away after we are done looking at them. Me on the other hand I save them to make things out of them. 

This is what you are going to need
  1. Old Cards~ Just the front of them with the picture
  2. Hole Punch~ To punch hole in them for the Ribbons
  3. Ribbons~ For hanging them up on your Tree or other places
  4. Markers~To color and write on them
  5. Stamps or Stickers~ To add color to the back side. If using Stamps your going to need ink too.
  6. Scissors~ To cut them out 
The best part is this doesn't cost much to do.  You can get a huge thing of ribbon at the dollar store. Same thing with the stamps, markers and hole punch. I got my hole punch at Target for .99cents.

So the first thing I did was go thru my card and picked the one I wanted to use. Then I torn them apart. The part with the writing I save and put them in a scrapbook. Then later on I have them to look at anytime I want to. The very Pretty card I will not pull them apart I save them  how they are. Once your are done picking the cards you want to use, Then you add you stamps or stickers. I used  my Christmas stamp that I find branded new at a thrift store. They are Stamp it up Stamp. Which are super nice ones. After I stamp the picture on them. I color them in. This can take some time. Then I wrote Merry Christmas on them along with Made by Amy and 2010. The next thing you need to do is cut them out. I used crazy Scissors. You can use plan Jain scissor to it what you like using. The next thing to do is punch a hole in them and add the ribbon in them.

I made these for my family and close friends and mailed them out with there Christmas card. I'm not prefect and miss putting them in a few cards. So they will be added with there Christmas gifts.

Also in the years past I have made Gift tags out of old cards. This is a cute and fun away to use old cards.

So far everyone who has gotten them loves them. 

Just so everyone know I love Christmas time its my favorite time of year. My family and friends tell me when they get there Christmas cards they know it Christmas time due to I'm the first Card the receive.
Today there no Cute outfit becuase I have to get the house ready to get my dining room table. I been with out a dining room table for 3 years and I'm so happy to fanily have one. Plus we have been waiting since August 1st for our table. If you are wondering where we eat at that would be our couch and chairs in the livingroom.


I also hope you liked the crafted idea and sorry the picture are the wrong way. I try to fix them with photobucket but then the picture would have been to big.

I so Want this Ornament. If this is the only one I get this year I will be SUPER happy. Amazon and Target has it.


  1. What a cute idea. I once saw where someone had taken all of these cards cutting circles the same size out of them and then somehow made these adorable placemats out of them.

  2. What a great DIY craft idea hunnie...they turned out really cute.....and.....I LOVE the new look of the blog:)

    Stop by and say Hello:)
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