Sunday, November 21, 2010

Outift For Work November 21TH, 2010

Flower Dress Gift From My MIL Peg for my 24th Birthday
Black Long Sleeve Shirt From The Px~ Don't remember
Black Tights From Macy's~ not sure how much they are I had them for a few years now
Belt From Style~6.99
Earring From The PX~4.99 for 3 pairs
Headband From Target~2.99
Impo thunder booties From DSW ~Gift From Hubby

Hello Lovely Ladies. Work was Good. I rang up 101 people today. I end the day with 92% rewards. Which is very good. I had two customer who told me my dress was CUTE. One of my mangers told me that I looked adorable. Also another co-worker told me my hair was cute. So it was over all a good day. One bad thing was I put the wrong lock on my locker and it took 34 minutes to get it off. I can't tell you how many people try to get it off. The manger had the wrong combination for it but she play around and got it open.

I coming home and had a nice night with Hubby. Which we will be heading to bed here soon. This week is going to be a crazy one for us.

A little story on my dress. When I got this dress in the mail from my MIL. I was like this thing is UGLY. She know that I didn't like it to. So one day I was going to Oma(German for Grandma) House. We went to the beach that day. When I put the dress on  I loved it. My MIL hated how it looked on me. So today I tried something new with it and I love how it turn out.

I think the sun was in my eyes. July 13, 2009

A side note. You can see that I gain weight. Yes I'm Happy that I gain weight. (Not brag on my Weight.) You could see all my bones before and now you can't.



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