Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Question Tag

Hello all. Julie from My Life and Thoughts tag me to answer 11question.

11 Things about me

1. I got married on Friday the 13th.
2. My Favorite Color is Pink but I think you all knew that already.
3. My favorite store to shop at is Old Navy.
4. In 1st grade I fell off the monkey bars and broke my leg. I spent the summer in a cast. No Fun.
5. My favorite fruit is strawberries. I want to go this spring and hand pick them.
6. I cry everything I watch Walk to Remember.
7. My first job was working at Target.
8. I love wearing ballet flats.
9. Hubby and Me meet online.
10. This August will mark 10 years that I have been with Hubby
11. I have meet some amazing online friends.

11 Questions

1. A movie that you can watch many time?
That would have to be Finding Nemo
2.Which season do you prefer and Why?
That would be summertime. The reason why. Is because it warm out.
3. Which is you favorite Make-up?
My favorite make-up is Bare Minerals
4. Which is the Craziest thing you think you did?
I was playing  truth or dare in 8th grade on are field trip and flashed the principle.
5.If you wouldn't be you what you, who would you become?
Not sure
6. If you can cook, What is your specialty?
Baking cookies. When Hubby was over in Iraq. He would get told. I need to open my own bakery. Since my cookies were so yummy.
7. Which is the best trip you've ever done?
I would have to say my whole living in Germany.
8. What do you think the ideal man for you must have?
That would be a good personal
9. Favorite Perfume?
Amber Romance from VS
10. What Inspire you?
There tons of things that inspire me.
11. What would you like to change on you?
I won't change a thing about me

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11 question for you to answers

1. What is your favorite thing to do in the Summer Time?
2. If you could do anything. What would it be?
3. What you all time favorite thing to do?
4. Who do you look up to?
5. Do you enjoy summer or winter more?
6. What spring trend are you dying to try out?
7. What one thing you can't live with out?
8. What month is your Birthday?
9. Whats you favorite book?
10. Do you see yourself still blogging in 10 years?
11. What you all time favorite nail polish to use?



  1. I haven't done one of these for *such* a long time. So fun! Great blog :)

    By the way, we're hosting a fun giveaway! (You should check it out!)

  2. Loved reading your answers. So sweet of you to tag us. Will post our answers soon. And Amy if you haven't done so already head over and enter our giveaway.

  3. 10 years-now that's amazing! :) I also cry everytime I watch "A Walk to Remember"- it's one of my favourite movies! Thanks for the tag!

  4. Brave girl getting married on Friday the 13th! :)
    Good to know about you!

  5. I always love reading these types of posts :) Old navy is a fab place to shop and thank you for tagging me :)

  6. I know so many who've met online and it worked out great for them

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