Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Work Outfit October 12th , 2010~BBCA DAY 12

Pink Polo From Aeropostale~24.50~ Had this from year(getting to small for me)
White Tank Top From Target~7.00
Black Linen Pants From CR ~ 4.99
Necklace From CR~.99 on clearance
Pink Flamingo Earring From H&M~ From Germany
Hair Ribbons Off A Pony O From Walmart
CL Shoe From DSW for 27.96

Hello Everyone on this Wonderful Tuesday. I wasn't going to wear a belt today b/c I don't need one but I had to put one on to keep my shirt from coming up. This shirt is getting to be to small on me. It so old I got it in 2006 to go with a pink and white flower skirt. Which I loved that skirt until it got to be to small and I donated it to the goodwill or it might have been the Army thrift store. I don't remember now.  As I was putting away my Pony O from yesterday I notice its starting to rip. The Pony O is going to brake on me. So I think I can take all the ribbons off and put them on another one or at least that what my plan is.

Today Breast Cancer Item Is Dannon Yogurt.. When you buy it there a code on the bottom of the lid to be enter in to there website HERE and they will be giving 10 cent for every lid that get enter in.

So have you donate or brought any item that will donate money to Breast Cancer.

So far I have brought a Pink reusable bag from publix. Also Boars head lunch meat and Dannon yogurt. 

I hope you all HAVE A GREAT TUESDAY.


  1. LOVE your pink...and what pretty earrings...different....love it:)

    Statements in Fashion Blog♥

  2. Great job with the pink! You're doing so well with the challenge. :)

    Hope you have a great day!

  3. Dear Amy, Now this one is my FAVE of all the pinks!!! Plus your hairstyle is fixed perfectly!

    Love and Hugs,
    WD ♥

  4. What fun earrings! I would never take those off! :-)

    Call Me Ishmael


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