Thursday, September 30, 2010

September Spending Goal

 So my goal for September was not to buy anything. Well I didn't buy no new clothes or accessories. I did end up buying 2 new nail polish and eye liners. Also I brought pantyhose. I only got 1 freebie for the month. Which it was undies from VS. So I spent under $5.00 which is great I thinks. So my plan it to keep my goal going with trying my best to not spend any money on makeup, clothes and accessories for the month of October and the next coming monthes.

So here the break down on what I got.
  1. Elf Eye Liner From Target ~1.00 I been want some new eye line b/c I don't care for the Bare Mineral eye liner that I have. Plus this came with a penical sharpener. So I looked at it as I got one item for.50 cent and the other for .50 too. So it was a good buy. Also I love this eye liner too. Item brought on 9-7-10
  2. Covergirl 573 Blue You Nail Polish From Publix~1.79 It was Normal 3.29 but I had a $1.50 off coupon. So I couldn't pass it up plus I loved the color. I didn't need this item at all. The price was good I think. Item brought on 9-12-10
  3. Covergirl 555 Luxe Lilac Nail Polish From Publix~.80cent It was Normal 3.29 they were having a sale 30% off. So then it was 2.30. I again had a coupon for 1.50 off. So I did the math and told myself for .80cent that I couldn't pass it up. So I got it. I like the color on to. I wear it on my nail last week. Again I didn't need it but this girl couldn't pass that sale up. I brought it on 9-19-10
  4. Pantyhose From Publix~.89cents They are normal 2.39. I actually did need this item. I just bring myself to pay 2.39 or higher for pantyhose b/c they always rip after wearing them a couple time. So when I saw these on the clearance rack I just knew I had to get them.
  5. The Fifth Thing I got the month was a pair of undie from VS~FREE normal would have been 8.50 but I had a coupon to make them FREE. So of course I got them.
So there for I spent a Total of 4.48w/out tax's this month. So I think I did a super job. Plus I was super good b/c I didn't buy no new clothes or Jewelry. Also if you didn't know I'm a coupon and sale kind of girl.

I have come to learn that Publix is a dangerous store for me but I have to shop there for food. I just have to stay out of the aisle that I don't need to be in. 

Total saving for the year is $2,914.68


  1. wow great job! I am trying so hard not to spend to much but it's very hard! Great Deals!

  2. Thank you. I know how it is. I been trying my best not to spend money.


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