Sunday, September 26, 2010

Work Outfit September 26th, 2010

Striped Shirt From ORSAY~14.95€~on sale
Turquoise Cami From CR~ 7.50 ~I got 40% off
Khaki Pants From Alloy Its Jeans ~ I have had them for a long time
Necklace From Target~1.00
Nine West Earring From the Px
Wedges From Target~19.99
Barrette From Ultra~2.00

When I lived in Germany I loved shopping at ORSAY. You can check out there website HERE. 

I hope you all have a GREAT SUNDAY. 


  1. this is such a cute outfit :)

    x Christine

  2. Thank you, by the end of my day my feet hurt. I had to by shoe insert.

  3. Cute outfit. I love the necklace. It is so adorable.


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