Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Outift For Work November 17TH, 2010

Gold Long Sleeve Shirt Gift From Ketina For Christmas 
Black Pants From Target~24.99
Necklace From Target~1.00
Nine West Earring From the Px
Barrette From Ultra~2.00
CL Shoe From DSW for 27.96

Hello All. Today was one of those day when I put on something and I hate it. I First was going to wear a Blazer and Tee shirt but I hated how it look. So then I went back in to the closet and pulled out a few shirts. I fanilly came across this one. Which was giving to me as a gift for Christmas by a very sweet girl named Ketina. I put it on and had to play with it to get it to my liking. Well I got it to my Liking.

So may of you may or may not know I'm an Army Wife. Right now we aren't active so I'm not an Army Wife. Hubby did 5 years in the Army. Which right now we are doing 4 year inactive. Which mean if the need him they call him up and he goes. At first it took me time to get used to the Army world. I got used to it and then our time was up. I meet so many wonderful people and still are close to  many of them.  So today I was Listen to Christmas Music on AOL Radio and a song come on Call Santa Bring my Soldier Home by The Stunners. Which I feel in Loved with it. I so wish this song would have been around when Hubby was away.

Here is the Video to the song I hope you all enjoy it.



  1. Dear Amy, what a terrific song and vid! And the gold top looks cute and your bangs are really looking good! Thank you and your hubby for your brave service to our nation!

    Love and Hugs,
    WD ♥

  2. I love that top on you! The shape and fit are so fantastic.

    I'm at work so I can't listen to the song right now - I'll try to do that later!

  3. Love the outfit. The shoes work for you but I for some reason can't wear them... maybe cause I am short.
    Love ya

  4. I love DSW shoes....dont they have the best ever???
    Yellow is my fav wear it well:)

    Stop by and say Hello:)
    I’m an MTV Style Blogger!!♥

  5. That is a great song.

    I love your flats. They are so adorable. I'm hoping to find me a great pair of black flats during a huge shopping trip this weekend.

  6. Thanks Ladies.

    Collette~ I sure do love DSW shoe

    Sunny&Stars~ Good luck on find shoe. There is tons of cute ones out there.

  7. Great outfit! Being an army wife must be tough! Please tell your husband we say thank you!

    Call Me Ishmael

  8. Thanks Pamela, Yes being An Army Wife can be tough at times.


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