Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Our New Dinning Room Table

So first off this really isn't fashion you can wear. It is home fashion. I wasn't going to post this here but it make me so happy to look at the new table that I decide why not. Also this is our 1st table we own and brought with are own money. Hubby and me order this table back in August and we got it today. Which I'm so excited about it and I want you all to see it. Plus it easier for me to post it here so my family and friends can see it. Since not all of them have Facebook. Yes my Kitchen in yellow.

So here the AWESOME Dinning Room table It fits up to 10 people. We only got 8 chairs but figure we can always go and get two more if need be.

Isn't Pretty
I hope you all have a Great Tuesday.


  1. Dear Amy, WOW!! You will be so glad you chose a big one, especially all glass like that. Then you can dress it up or down in so many ways! Also the chairs don't even have to match. You can put the matching ones on the sides and then get His and Hers incredible armchairs for the ends. It will look beautiful too! Plus the chairs also are classic shape so you can make full covers for them in any style and they work. Great choices.

    Glad you posted it here so we all can enjoy your home fashion too!

    Love and Hugs,
    WD ♥

  2. Love ♥ your Pink Christmas page! WD ♥

  3. wow thats a luxury.. looks like some conference center :)))

  4. That reminds me a lot of the glass table I bought when I first moved to my very first place! Love your table Amy!

    Totally fashionable!

  5. Beautiful yellow dining room with a lovely table! Yay!

    Call Me Ishmael


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