Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Outift For Work November 3rd, 2010

Grey Shirt from VS-4.99
Cover up from Ross-7.99
Black Linen Pants From CR ~ 4.99
Headband From Target~4.99
Necklace Gift From my Sister for a going away gift.
Earring From The Px~4.00
Cherokee White Flat From Target

Hello Lovely Ladies. Today I was having Wardrobe problems. I had no idea what I wanted to wear. Wait I take the back I knew I wanted to wear these pants and I was thinking of wearing an Express t-shirt  but after I thought about it. I decide it might be to  to causal for work. So seeing that I haven't worn this Grey Cover up in a few month. I decide to give it a shoot. I think it try out good. This Grey t-shirt is very sheer so I had to put a cami under it. Lately I been going the easy way with my hair just throwing it up in a ponytail and adding Bobbie pins to it. Then for the final touch a headband. The headband that I'm wear today is from the little girls department. I like to walk thou that department here and there to see what they have. I came across this headband and I decide at the time I didn't need it. Then I went  back another time and there was 1 left. I told myself then that I had to get it. Normal I don't wear socks with my flats but today the flats that I'm wearing are a little big. So I need the sock to make them fit better.

Here the Link to see how I wore this look before.



  1. Great look. I love your cover up.

  2. I do too love your cover-up, casual chic! And I can't believe you got all these great clothes for a steal!


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  3. Hi Amy! I guess you will look even more lovely if you change this ridiculous fringe to something more up-to-date. This one seems not bad, what do you think?))

  4. Love this outfit. Your hair looks so cute with the bangs coming through.

  5. Love that cardigan! Looks sooo comfy :)

    <3, natasha @ twenty-something blog

  6. Sweet little it:0

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