Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Outift For Work November 9TH, 2010

Ivory Sweater From ORSAY~ It a Store in Germany 
Black Legging From Target~6.99
Belt From Style~6.99
Earring From My MIL Peggy
Headband From Mejeir 4.99
Impo thunder booties From DSW ~Gift From Hubby

Hello Everyone. First off this sweater I have on is one of my favorite sweater to wear. I'm not a leggings girl but I have been giving them a try more. Since I started my blog I have been trying a lot of new thing out. Also Working at DSW has made me get in to shoe more. I wasn't feel my hair down. So I pulled it up. Which I might end up taking it back down. Who know.

I'm putting this out early for the people who like to buy me a gift. This is a Wish list. I'm not saying in any way you must get me a gift. This is just some idea for people on what I would like.

  1. Gift Card to Forever 21
  2. Earring
  3. Necklace
  4. Clothes~Mainly work pant size 7
  5. Cute headband/hair piece
  6. New Purse~ Must have a Pocket in the front~ (really Want one)
Also For my Twilight people. Yahoo realised Picture today of Bella and Eward. Here the Link. Breaking Dawn was my Favorite book.



  1. I love your belt and your heels(; Could you please like a how to dress up a plain tee blog? maybe with like scarfs or cardigans or something? But love the blog good job!

  2. that sweater is really cute with the flower belt & heels! I could never wear heels to work! I hope you get something on your wish list this year!!
    xoxo Camille

  3. Thanks Ladies.

    Lisa. I will do a plain tee shirt. I do have a lot of them on here. You would just have to look it up. When I have more time I will look them up for you and Link them in a post.

  4. I like your style!
    my name's martina and I come from Italy...if you want follow me!I wait you and your tips! kiss kiss ^^

  5. Your make up looks AMAZING today. That close up picture of you looks great. Frame it! :-)

    Call Me Ishmael


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