Sunday, October 3, 2010

Work Outfit October 3rd , 2010~BBCA day 3

Pink T-Shirt From Target~8.00
Jockey Black Cami From The PX~6.00
Black Pencil Skirt From Target~19.99
Earring From The PX~4.99 for 3 pairs
Necklace From Px~ 4.99
Belt From Style~6.99
Flower Ponyholder/clip From Forever 21~2.50
Goody Black Hand-bead From~ 2.99

Hello All. So I seen a post of J's Everyday Fashion. Where she did a plain white T and Pencil Skirt. So I did it today and I like how it turned out. Also I took a Stretchy Black Headband and add my Black flower to it. Everyone was telling me how cute I looked.

So the item today for Breast Cancer Awareness is Yoplait. When you buy them they will donate 10 cent.
You can read all about HERE.

Sorry for this being so short. I was helping Hubby put a shelf up and the cordless drill fall and hit my toe. So I'm in a little but of pain at the moment.

I hope you all have a GREAT SUNDAY.


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