Monday, September 27, 2010

Jewelry And Hairstyle Organize

      Above is my drawer of my Jewelry box.  I used clear little box that you use for holding Craft stuff.
 After seeing how Never Naked Organized her  Earring. It gave me an idea. I was shopping in Publix for dinner food. When I walked down an aisle and saw Ice cube trays. I told myself I could so put my Earring in them. I knew I had some at home that we never use. Also I brought them on Clearance from Target years ago. So I went a head and did it. I loved how it looks. You can stack them on each other.
 Here an Update on my Jewelry section in my closet. At DSW the sell Nicole shoe. Which her shoe box are so neat b/c they are like picture boxes that you buy at the store. When people don't want there shoe boxes we throw them in the trash. I had a customer who didn't want her box. So I asked the manger if I could have the empty box and she said yes. So I'm using it to hold my necklaces. How does it look now? Before Pic
          I use plastic container for all my hair stuff. 2 are headband and the other one is full of mixer stuff.
              Here is one of my headband container. I have them done by the size's of the headbands.
                Then I use the Biore Skincare container to hold barrettes, hair ties and clips.
This is how it looks in the mixed drawer. I use the Ziploc bags to hold ribbons,bobbies pins and Halloween  hair piece.

I hope you enjoy this post. I just clean the house today and did errands. I just wore a tank top and carpi.

I hope you all have  GREAT MONDAY.


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