Friday, September 10, 2010







So today it has been rain out. So there for I been in my Pj's all day. I been spending the day with my Hubby watch Dexter. Which it is actually a good show. So there for today post I decide to show you what my closet looks like. I love the big o closet that I have and share with my Hubby. I try my best to keep it organize. I do need to find more storage for my jewelry. Also have don't have much drawer space. So I have a Dr. Scholls box with my little footie and thighs. Which that been working out good for me. Above my casual clothes is some of my Hubby clothes. Also we have no linen closet so I have to also share part of my side of the closet with the towels and washcloths. Which I manger. But overall I did love having a bigger closet. We had this very tiny closet when we lived in an apartment. I also have more shoes. I keep the ones I wear everyday in the front closet at the front of the house.

I hope you enjoy my closet. Please give me you input on how I can store my Jewelry better.

I hope you all have a GREAT FRIDAY and a GREAT WEEKEND.

Sorry for the Line under the text I can't get rid of them. It has something to do with the pictures coming from my Photobucket account.


  1. Great post! It looks like you need a bigger jewelry box! Ones like this:
    Are awesome! they are lined with special cloth!
    I was excited to hear about the Kelsi Dagger shoes!
    Have a nice day!

  2. Thanks you. I looked at the link and it looks nice. I will have to save swagbucks up to get it.

  3. Dear Amy,

    Although they are not exactly elegant, I use these Embroidery Floss Bobbin storage boxes. They separate each piece and are clear, so I just grab the box with the coordinated pieces already together in it. The pieces stay in there until I am all dressed up and ready to wear them. Then when getting undressed, I can clean them off and leave them to air dry on top. Then put them away right in the same little compartment. They stack neatly and are small enough to hide in my vanity drawer with the things I wear most often.

    I use these for many things like that to keep small pieces organized. When on sale, like at Michael's stores, they are very inexpensive. I've had mine at least ten years. None have broken.

    And the best part is that since it is all acrylic I can wash them easily so everything stays very clean.

    I found a small photo on an embroidery site here:

    Each has 16 small compartments and one double compartment.

    My hubby's mother used an all-plastic fishing tackle box for her costume jewelry. When opened, the trays all spread out and one can pick and choose! Again, not so elegant, and for me too big to lug around, but practical. Since all of these items are tucked away in drawers or on closet shelves, it did matter to me that they were small and washable for maintenance.

    For fine jewelry, of which I have very little, I still have my jewelry box my grandmother gave me when I was 15 and along with that she took me to the doctor to get my ears pierced. Inside the new jewelry box was a pair of solid gold and diamond posts. I nearly died... Literally, since my mother was furious at Gramma for taking me. LOL!!! BTW Gramma was our legal caregiver so she was authorized to do it, and she knew what a little teenybopper really wanted for a pre-16th bday!!

    When my mother was 70 years old, she got her own ears pierced. LOL!! She is a hoot!

    Anyway you might want to see if your local Jo-Ann Craft and Fabric has these on discount sale too. The DMC ones are better quality than any others I have seen, and are good for any small items you may need to organize around your lovely home!

    Love and Hugs,
    WD ♥

  4. Thank you WD for the Idea. I actually have one of those for all my beads. Thanks for sharing you store too.

  5. You are most welcome, dear Amy! Yes, excellent for beading!! Love and Hugs, WD ♥


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