Saturday, September 25, 2010


Lions Jersey From Target~17.99
Quartz Jeans From CR-29.99 I got them for 40% off~not in Picture
Hoops Earring From CR~4.00 I got them for 40% off
Pink Flip Flips From The PX~1.50
Pink Lions Hat From Meijer~13.99

I end up not wear the Lions Pink Hat b/c I didn't like it on me. Also the jeans that are in the picture are my Ruby Jeans but sadly today I had to retire them.  Due to I can't bend down when I have them on. I knew for sometime now that they were getting to small but I still squeezed in to them. Well today I squeezed in to them again but I couldn't bend at the knee in them. So I change in to my Quartz jeans. The Ruby on were my favorite jeans. From the moment we got them in at Charlotte Russe I loved them. I kept eye balling them. One week in October or November of 2009 they had employee week where they gave us 50% off the whole store so I brought them then.  I know I will find another pair of Jeans to wear that I Love.

Today I had the day off. Which is Awesome b/c I don't get that many Saturday and Sundays off b/c I work in Retail. So Hubby and me went out and got him some new work clothes. Which he needed some new ones. He always just wears the same things over and over again. Which I do the same thing but I have so many clothes to choice from so I can mix it up. Also I can go a few month before I have repeat an outfit. So we went out shopping and got him 5 new work shirts. We also stop by VS b/c I had a free coupon for undies. For lunch we went and had fuddruckers. We also got Hubby and bottle of wine for a belated birthday gift from me. I also told him the clothes were a belated birthday gift too.

I will say I felt a little out of place wearing my lions jerseys b/c everyone had on there Miami shirts and jersey. 

What team do you root for ?

I hope you all have a GREAT SATURDAY

GO LIONS I HOPE YOU WIN YOUR GAME TOMORROW. We have almost win the first 2 we played.

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