Friday, February 11, 2011

Day 11 30x30~ Causal Work Friday/GO RED

Red Lace Cami From CR~6.00~40% Off
Crystal Jeans From CR~7.49
Necklace From CR~.99
Red Flower Earring From MIL Peg
Pink Ribbon From A Gift.
Brown Belt From Another Shirt I own.
Boots From Traffic

Happy Friday Everyone. I'm so happy its Friday. That means tomorrow is my day off. Which I have to get my oil change in my car its way over due. I just notice it yesterday as I was going to work. Beside that I want to relax before my next work week that starts on Sunday.

So yesterday I got told by a co-worker that She think that she has only seen me wear the same shirt 3 time in the whole 9 months that she has been working there. I told her I have a system on how I do my clothes. Which is I write down what I wear in a note book. We do the same thing for Hubby too. How I come up with my outfit are when I'm taking a shower or driving to and from work. If I have a bad feeling the outfit won't work I try it on the night before to see if it will work. My acc just come to me as i'm getting ready in the morning. Which sometime I have to play around with them. As some of you might know. Due to I will take a picture with one necklace but wear another. Due to it looks better. 



  1. Love the belted button-up on you!

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  2. theres nothing like a high waisted belt...sigh...Oh by the way, I listened to Gagas new song all day and Im still not feeling! Its just so generic...makes me sad :( lol

  3. Love the outfit. The top, the belt, and the boots so amazing!

    We had a wear red day at work!


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