Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Day 22 30x30~ Work Outfit

Cright Royal Cami From Victoria Secret ~ 14.50 or 3/30
Gray Wide Pants From New York Company~ Christmas Gift From Oma or Parent 
Necklace From a Good Online Friend
Earring From The Px
Flower Bobbie Pin From Forever 21~1.50
Madden Girl Heels From DSW~39.95 I got 30% off of them b/c I work there.

Hello Everyone. I would have never thought to wear these 3 color before doing 30x30. Last night I told myself that I better plan out today outfit ahead of time. Just in case I don't wake up in time. Since I got my Promotion and have to work early now.  So I knew I want to wear pant and only choice I had for pants are these gray ones. Since my 2 black ones our in the dirty clothes basket. So I look in the Camil draw and seen this blue one. I told myself I would wear that one. So I held it up to the pants and it looked good to me. Then I pulled out this cardigan and did the same thing. End the in I said that is what I'm going to wear tomorrow. In all in all. It a good thing I did pick my outfit out ahead of time because Hubby and me both slept past the alarm clock. 

So I have to complain about two things. One traffic sucked tonight on my way coming home from work. It took me over and hour to get home. Which I wasn't happy about but I'm happy to be home now. Now number two is my knee highs. I can only get two use's out of them before the turn all runny on me. So I need to buy new one after 30x30. I hope I can make it 8 days with the ones I have. I think I can. 

Really can't stand this. 


  1. Cute neutrals with a pop of color nice!!!

  2. Sux that it took you that long to get home , at least those are knee highs they happen to me all the time with the pant hose grrr hate it

    Thanks for always stoppinjg by my page. You always Have the Sweetest comments

  3. I'll tell you a secret: I've already bought new tights during the challenge because mine had some runs! I think buying accessories like that is okay.

    I'm surprised you wouldn't have put these colors together before! Black and gray go with anything and that blue is so pretty on you!

    Come take a look inside A Working Mom's Closet

  4. Here is a trick: put clear nail polish on the run. It will keep it from getting worse and hopefully last you the remaining 8 days :)

  5. Cute outfits!


  6. Hey-- used to do ballet (so had to have tights on all the time...)... runs are easy- when you catch them, use clear nail polish over the whole thing and it'll keep it from running more (at least for a little while)!


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