Sunday, February 13, 2011

Day 13~ Work Outfit/Sporting My Bangs

Black Gap Skinny Pants Christmas Gift From Oma or Parents
Polka Dot Scarf ~ It come with something. I'm think a pair of pants but I'm not sure~ Super Old
Earring Gift From MIL Peggy
Headband Gift From My Mom
Madden Girl Heels From DSW~39.95 I got 30% off of them b/c I work there.

Hello Everyone. I'm having so much fun with 30 for 30. I been wear a lot of my old acc. that I normal don't wear. I also have been having fun with scarf.  I still have 5 items that I haven't remixed yet. Tomorrow I will be remixing two of the items. Also doing 30 for 30 has made it easier for me to get dress but I do miss not having a few items. I think if I only had 30 item in my closet I could live just fine. I would probably just get sick of wearing the same thing over and over again. 

Did you notice something different today?  If you didn't I will let you know what it is. I got a special request on my Facebook page the other day  from a friend to stop hidden my bangs. I told her I would wear them on Thursday. Well that didn't happen. So I decide I would wear them today. Which I like wearing them. The one think I hate is the kept getting in my eye. Which I not going to cut them because I'm letting them grow out. 

Thanks you all for the kind words on my Uncle passing away. It meant a lot to me. I got told by a friend yesterday. Even if you aren't close to someone a loss is a loss. Which is so true. 



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