Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Day 15 30X30 Half Way There ~Work Outfit


White Cami From Victoria Secret ~ 14.50 or 3/30(Gift From Hubby for 21st B-day)
Gray Cami From Target~ 2.00 on Clearance
Gray Wide Pants From New York Company~ Christmas Gift From Oma or Parent 
Earring From CR~4.00 W/40% off
Necklace From CR-7.99
Silver Star Headband From Target~1.00
White Belt From Target 6.99
White Heels- Payless

Hello Everyone. Sorry no clothes picture today. I deleted it by mistake this morning when I was e-mailing them to myself. I was mad at first but got over it.  Today outfit to me is so so. I will say I love the black and white picture of me.

 So work was very interesting today. It was like one thing after another happen. I did get told by 2 different co-workers tell me I have good taste in clothes and shoe. Also they said that they have never seen me dress bad. Which I don't.  If I where a T-shirt I'm going to make sure I dress it up. Even when I worked at Charlotte Russe the girl's would say the same thing. They were amazed when I would come in on my days off wearing flip flops.  At first I was just going to wear the Gray Cami but I decide to add the white Cami in. When 30 for 30 is over I will let you all know how many cami's and tanks I own. I think you are going to be amazed by it like I was. Also you won't believe how many alone are Pink.

One thing that I hate is the smell of dog food. Why? Does it have to smell so bad. Everytime I fill Priscilla dish up I want to plug my nose because it smells so bad but she got to eat. So I have to deal with the smell of it. 

Just a Reminder go vote for  Collette of Statement of Fashion. She enter to be a Elf model. SO PLEASE GO VOTE FOR HER.  She in the Top 50 right now. So let help her by voting to keep her in the Top 50. Thanks you.



  1. Simple and chic. Super cute outfit!

  2. Great black and white picture very pretty hope you had a great vday

  3. I adore you Amy...thank you for the mention!! and how cute is your little white belt??? Love it....hopefully, someday you and I will get the chance to meet:)

    Stop by and say Hello:)
    Enter my Silver Lining Décor Jewelry Giveaway!!♥

  4. Cute hair, I like all the pearls!


  5. You are looking great Amy. And you are doing a wonderful job at remixing all of these outfits.

  6. Thanks ladies.

    Collette~ We so do have to meet up. Maybe one day. All my family lives in Michigan


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