Monday, February 28, 2011

Day 28 30x30 ~ Work Outfit/Fabulous in February

Pink Cami From Forever 21~2.50
Black Jockey Cami From The Px
Black Wide Pants From New York Company~ Christmas Gift From Oma or Parent 
Pink Flower From Family Dollar Store~1.50

Necklace From Walmart ~2.50

Pink Earring From H&M~ I got them in Germany 
Belt for Target~2.50

Madden Girl Heels From DSW~39.95 I got 30% off of them b/c I work there.

Hello Everyone. I hope you all are having a great Monday. I got told by two customers that I looked cute today. I had one customer who said let me guess your favorite color is PINK. Which by now I think everyone knows this. I can't believe this month is over with already. Man it went by fast. 

 Now For Fabulous in February.
The Last One for the month. 

  My 3 positive things about me. 

1I'm very organized. Have your seen my closet. Everything is by tanks, pant and so on. 

2. I'm glad that I have grown out of my sensitives. I use to cry at the drop of a hat. No lie. I cried to my Target manger one day. I thought I was off due to an injured but I was supposed to work. I told her that I would go home and change clothes. Then come back. She told me it was okay. There tons of time that I cry when I work at Target over silly things.

3. Man this third on is so hard. Let me think It will come too me.  

Ok got it my teeth. I might not have the prettiest teeth but there mine. I might have teeth that over lap but  it me and who I'm. Silly I know.



  1. Oh gosh, I'm still sensitive like that. I've been crying all day today over things!

    I adore the black and pink combo on you! So fun and girly and pretty!!!

    Come take a look inside A Working Mom's Closet

  2. Your closet is beautiful. As I fellow organizer, I am supremely impressed and I little bit jealous. :) I'm so happy you participated as it was really nice to get to know you! :)

  3. I wish I was more organized. I love the pink you are wearing.

  4. you look so cute and happy with all these pink accessories!

  5. Thanks Ladies. There is something about pink items that make everything better.

  6. OOOHH love the pink on black...a really cute outfit idea, and you accessorized it well!! you have a nice blog follower :)


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