Friday, December 24, 2010


Cherry Shirt From the Px
Red Tank Top From H&M
Jeans Almost Famous Jeans From CR 32.99 I got them for 50% off 
Jingle Bell Necklace and Earring From the Px
Cherry Headband From a Store in Germany €2.55 for 2
Red Flip Flop From Target 1.00

Merry Christmas Eve Everyone. Today we all went the the biggest outlet mall. We pick up some late minute gifts. We had ton of fun. This morning I got an text message from my MIL Peggy to open the gift she sent us. Everyone year it a tradition to one on of your gift on Christmas eve. She has done this for year. Well she know me to well. She sent me my favorite candy and ornament. Also she sent a Angel for the Christmas tree. Which the angel used to be Hubby's Grandma angel. So now it is passed down to us. Which means a lot to us. She also sent Hubby his Favorite candy to put he didn't open it b/c we knew what it was. 

Rice with Black Bean Sauce At PF Changs (Lunch)

My Christmas from MIL peg, FIL  and BIL Johnny. 2 snowflake ornament, snowman w/ a train ornament,  angel tree topper, candy cane garland, 2 belts and my favorite candy. Also more cookie cutter

I love these Things.


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  1. Merry Christmas Amy!!! Thanks for the card!! xo Camille


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