Thursday, December 30, 2010

December 30th work outfit. ~ First Day back to work after vacation.

Blue Sweater From the Army thrift store
Black Wide Pants From New York Company
Barrette From Target~ 2.00 on Clearance 
Earring From Target~7.99
Dr Scholls Shoe From DSW~18.88 

Hello all. Today was my first day back to work after having 10 days off. I felt weird in away. Work was good. I had a lot of co-workers happy to see me. I got hugs from some and some just smiled from ear to ear. Work was a little busy but not that bad at all. As I was at work it hit me that tomorrow is Friday. So that mean I can wear my jeans to work. Also I got a lot of good comment about my hair and my top.  Also I got a Christmas Gift from a manger. She got me pink sock, body wash and lotion.

Warm Sugar Vanilla body wash and lotion(I will use the Pink Ribbon for my hair.)

I have the Pink Sock on right now.
I would like to know what is your  Favorite outfit that I wore in 2010 because I would like to make a special post on it. Thanks. I would make a poll but I don't know how to or if you can do it.

Also I will be growing my bangs out. They have grown so much that they are in my eyes and I don't like it. 

I hope you all have a good Thursday. 


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