Saturday, December 25, 2010

My Christmas Day ~ Loaded with Picture

Oma opening her gift

Mom Waiting on a gift

Priscilla thinking I will get this open. If it takes me all day.

Dad wearing his new Disney Hat

Oma telling Priscilla about a dog at her house and that she sorry she didn't buy her a gift.

OMG New Coach Purse~ From My Amazing Hubby

Dad all smile about cutting the ham. He was ready to eat.

My Ham I cooked~ One day I should be a pro at it.

My Dinner Plate*New Plate for the new table*

Oma Playing bowling on the Kinect. (there My hubby Sitting on the couch)
I hope you all had a great and Amazing Christmas. I must have been a good girl this year because I got everything I wanted. The best part is I got to spend Christmas with my Parent. It would have been extra special if my sister could have came to. Maybe next year. You all are going to be see new work pants coming soon and more remixing. Tomorrow we our doing Christmas all over again at my Aunt house.  MERRY CHRISTMAS AGAIN. P.S. I had a PINK CHRISTMAS. :)


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