Friday, December 31, 2010

December Spending and recap.

So here is my December Spending. Which I only got 4 items. The Black Lace Cardigan put me over my limit but it ok because I wore it twice this month.

   1. 12-5-10 Revlon Emerald City Matte Suede nail polish 3.04    from Target ~ didn't need. Just want to paint my nails green for the holiday.
   2. 12-10-10 Glasses Necklace 1.50 From Forever 21~ didn't need thought it was cute.
   3. 12-10-10 Shoe Necklace 2.80 From Forever 21~ didn't need
   4. 12-10-10 Woven Shirt 3QSL Cardigan 19.80 From Forever 21 ~ did need for Hubby Christmas Party.

  So I spent 27.14 for the month. Not that bad at all.  Now to wait and see how I do in the new years.

My total saving for 2010 is 4,379.85 that is using coupons. Shopping sale and Clearance racks.

Here  a Spending recap for the year.

September Spent ~ 4.48
October Spent~ 22.16
November Spent~ 26.76.

As I sit here looking at the numbers it went up every month and not down. For the new year I'm going to do the same thing. Which is to not spend any money on myself. Wish me luck. I will give you my update at the end of every months.

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