Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Last Day of Vacation

A&F White Puffy Vest From Abercrombie and Fitch Hubby Brought it for me years ago
Brown Long Sleeve From Target~7.00
Quartz Jeans From CR-29.99 I got them for 40% off
Earring From Oma
Headband From Target~2.99
Boots From Traffic

Hello All. My Parents flow back home today. I'm going to miss them but now that I leave in the states I should be able to see them more. We all had a great time together. Before they  left Hubby throw a 300 game on the xbox kincets bowling. Which my dad say he knew today would be the day for a 300 game. My parents called at 6pm and they made it safe and sound back in Michigan. Hubby and me want to go back and visit Michigan one day to see the rest of the family who can't come visit us. Right now we are thinking next Christmas time. 

After we dropped my parent off at the airport we went to the Hard Rock again. We played some slots and then started to head home. On are way home we went to 7-11. No biggie. Well it is to  us because we don't have that many 7-11. When we grow up in Michigan they are every where. So that was a treat for us. Then our last stop for the day was costco to get new light bulbs. Tomorrow I go back to work. No more Vacation for me. I had a nice and relaxing one.

Cherry Slurpee



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