Friday, October 22, 2010

Cleaning Day~ BBCA DAY 22

Pink Babygirl Tank From VS~ Very Old
Black Yoga Pants From VS~Very Old
Pink and Green Minnie Pom Pom Socks From the Disney Store~Gift From My Mom
Pink and Orange and White Headband~ Super Old

Hello Ladies. I hope you all are having a good Friday. Its house cleaning day for me. I got behind on it. Last week and this week throw me off big time b/c my work schedule change. Which we all need a change once in a while. I can't believe we have one more week of this month. The next couple months are going to be super crazy for me. My Parents are coming to see me in December. Which I'm super excited about b/c I haven't seen them in 2 years. My Hubby was in the Army and we moved around a lot. So it made it hard to see people. Plus when we moved to FL. We had a tiny apartment but now we have a good size house. So we have room for people to stay here. My big project for next month is to get the guest room set up for my parents visit.

Today Breast Cancer Items is Ann Taylor. They have a tee shirt. Which was $50.00 and now it is 9.88. It is super cute. Look at it HERE. 70% of the full-price goes to Breast Cancer. They are all sold out.



  1. That's exciting!!! Good luck!!! Cute pose:)

  2. Pom socks are my favorite! :)

    <3, natasha

  3. Hi look cute as always:)
    I have some cleaning to catch up on too....Im feeling sick...uggh...and, Ill have to miss the fashion show disappointed:(

    Enter my Tulle Giveaway♥

  4. Thanks Ladies.

    Collette~ I hope you feel better soon.


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