Monday, October 18, 2010

Work Outfit October 18th , 2010~BBCA DAY 18

Today Outfit is a remix outfit. I have wear everything before just in different Outfits.
Black Pants From Target~24.99
Pink Cami From Aeropostale~ 19.50
White Dress Shirt From VS-28.00 I had this shirt for 4 years 
Earring from H&M~ I got them when I was living in Germany
Necklace From a Good Online Friend
Belt From Style~6.99
Boots From Old Navy~34.50~ I got them for 30% off last year.
Pink Cure Pin From a Co-worker.
Pink Flower Bobbie Pins From Forever 21~1.50

Hello Everyone. Happy Monday. Today was a very different Monday for me. Why? The answer is I worked today. I haven't work a Monday in Months. Which working Monday isn't bad. The traffic is. I was 3 min late to work. Lucky we have a grace period of 5 min and then you aren't write down as being late. The Belt and Pink cure pin aren't Pictures. I think my outfit turn out good. Only bad thing is I got Ink from a pen on my white dress shirt.

After work I went to the vet to get something for the dog and stop by the Family dollar store and find this cute item. It a hair piece and a pin. 

Today Breast Cancer item is Energizer batteries. They made Pink Batteries. Also they have a Pink Ribbon Tree for Susan G. Komen. You can see it HERE.

I hope you all have a GREAT MONDAY.


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