Monday, October 4, 2010

Errand Day: BBCA 4

Pink Army Wife From CafePress~Very Old
Opal Jeans From CR~29.99 40% off
Fake UGG Slippers From Target~9.99 with 10% off (Very Old)
Earrings From CR~4.00 40% off
Headband From some store in Germany

Hello All, Today was Errand and clean house day. I had to wear my fake ugg's due to my toe. I need to wear a comfortable shoe that wouldn't hurt my toe. The Fake Uggs have tons of fur in them which make them comfy to wear. So they don't hurt my toe at all. I had the real one but I wore those sucker out b/c I wear them all the time. For today I only wore Beauty Rush Soft Pink Lip balm on my lips.

Today Store is Swarovaski Crystal. They are giving away in store a very nice Hope Pin.It Pink and say I Give Hope For FREE. There was a co-worker of mine wear one yesterday. It was so nice I just had to ask where she got it from.  They don't show it on there site but they do have some very nice breast cancer stuff to buy. You can check it out HERE.

I hope you all HAVE A GREAT DAY.


  1. absolutely love the earrings! oh and the cute headband... always handy when you're cleaning and such :)


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