Saturday, October 2, 2010

Saturday Off Again: BBCA Day 2

Support the Cause T-Shirt From  CR~10.00(last years)
VS Jeans From VS~69.50
Light Pink Tank Top From Target~7.00
Necklace From Alloy~ I have had it for years
Earring From The Px~4.00
Barretts Pink and Black From the PX~2.99
Pink Flip Flop From Target~1.00

So I happen to get another Saturday off. Don't ask how I manged to do that. I looked at the schedule and it said I was off. So I will take that. Today I'm not doing much. Hubby and Me are just going to go Shopping at Costco to get meat and things. The Eyeshadow Picture is what I used today on my eye Light Pinks.

Ulta Beauty Is doing Love note for Breast Cancer Awareness month. You can send a free e-card to the ladies you love and care about. Go Here to send one.  They already have 23,357 that have been sent.

Along with wear Pink everyday I will also post a store that support Breast Cancer Awareness or a Page with info on it.



  1. Thanks for your comment today...super sweet of you..and you are doing a fabulous job supporting the cause too:)

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  2. Thank you so much for participating in the challenge! I'm so glad to have you spread the word with us. And posting links to Breast Cancer Awareness stores or sites is such a fantastic idea! Wow!


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