Sunday, January 5, 2014

December 2013 Photo of the Day on Instagram

Day 1 Red~ Candy wrapper from my advent calendar
Day 2 Where I Stood~ In the living room with my peace sign sock slippers
Day 3 Silver~ Ornament from my tree
Day 4 Tiny~ My wedding rings
Day 5 In The Cupboard~ My cups and plates
Day 6 Shadow~ A Shadow from my living room door
Day 7 6 O'clock~ Was a little late taking the picture so you get 6:15pm
Day 8 I Shop Here~ New Yorker and H&M( Old Navy is still my all time favorite store to shop)
Day 9 This is the Weather Today~ 49 degree out
Day 10 R is for~ The color red. Red ornament form my tree
Day 11 Green~ My Joy christmas skirt
Day 12 Joy is~ Seeing my family smile
Day 13 composition~ The sign at the christmas market
Day 14 Drink~ My cola
Day 15 Light~ My christmas tree all lit up
Day 16 Make Me Feel Merry- Getting cards in the mail
Day 17 Tree~ Tree off my snowman sweater, My pink and green Christmas Tree and the tree downtown
Day 18 Big~ All the Pretzel delight I made
Day 19  'tis the season to' ~spread cheer and happiness. Which I have brought to my family,friends and fellow blogger friends.
Day 20 listen to ~Christmas music
Day 21 on the door- snowflake window clings
Day 22 sparkle~ ornaments from my tree
Day 23  traditions- every year Hubby and me go out and buy each other stuff for our stocking. Then we wrap it all up and put it the stocking. The one item not wrap do to he already using it.
Day 24 wrapped- gifts under the tree
Day 25 best bit of my day- top left Hubby surprised me with a at home gel polish system(can't wait to try it out) left top my best friend in the state got me my favorite holiday scent vanilla bean Noel, bottom left made sweet potato casserole for the first time. Right bottom/ getting picture of my baby girl Priscilla
Day 26 where I slept- the left side of the bed
Day 27 what you're doing right now- eating Chinese food for dinner
Day 28 awesome- new shoe- sperry top sider wedge. Got the for half off. Never knew sperry made wedges.
Day 29 Best bit of 2013- drinking my 1st liter of beer, pink passion award, hitting 300 blog followers and much more.
Day 30  me- last outfit of 2013
Day 31 Celebrate

Hello Everyone. Today I'm sharing with you all my picture of the day from December. I want to start doing this every month. That was my plan for last year but it didn't happen. I only did the month of May and then stop. It was mainly do to house hunting and moving in to my new place.  If you want to you can follow me on Instagram @amyfashionblog. 



  1. Cool Concept like it awesome what you had done.

    1. You should Join in and do picture of the day one month. It so much fun.

  2. Cute Christmas stockings! And I love H&M and New Yorker :)

  3. I always enjoy your photo of the day posts on IG!

  4. i enjoy all your photos :) they're so interesting!

    It’s a GIRL Thing

  5. Very beautiful photos ;)

  6. Lovely pictures doll !! xx

  7. What a great idea to do this. I qill gladly look at your monthly Pic of the Day recaps. Love this.


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