Thursday, January 2, 2014

My 2013

Hello Everyone, Today I'm going to recap my 2013 for you all.  First off thank you all for reading my blog, Following it and all your support you gave me this year. I know it didn't post all that much due to my big move to Germany. 

2013 was another great year for my blog.  My blog end at 312 followers, 113 Facebook fans, 131 twitter follower and 137 Instagram followers.

January was a month for cleaning
~ I started Rediscover my clothes. Which I end the year with 15 rediscover outfits( Which was my new years resolution for 2013)
~Did a review on Palmolive Fresh Infusions dishwashing soap
~ Got Contacted by TLC to share there casting call for what not to wear
February was a month first
~I went and bottle homemade wine for my first time
~Try out my first free hand nail art
~Show you all my Shoe Collection(68 pairs)
~ My MIL Peggy went in for surgery to get her thyroid taken out. Which she is Cancer Free.

March was a month of a lot of changes 
~Did a Review on an eShakti dress
~Told you all about my move to Germany
~ I quit my job at DSW
Wiesbaden, Germany

April was a moving month
~ Had 4 bloggers do guest post for me~ Thanks again Sunny Days and Starry Nights Put some Polish on ItI am Never NakedH&K Style Journey
~Arrived to Germany
~ Won my first Outfit Hive Outfit of the Day
~ Started house hunting
~Most viewed month. I had 70,993 views this month

May was a month from traveling
~Went to Rüdesheim, Germany
~Hit 500 Remix Outfits
~Hit 1000 Post
~Went to Speyer, Germany
Rüdesheim, Germany

June was a month of saddness and a few happy times
~ Shared with you all my all time favorite restaurant in Germany.  Die Kartoffe in Ladenburg, Germany
~ Outfit Hive~ Blogger of the month
~ Started share my Instagram Photo of the day picture with you. Want it to be a new series on my blog but failed at it. This year 2014 it will be a new monthly post.
~ Lost my Step-Grandma M on June 3rd.
~ Went to the Wilhelmstraßenfest(music fest)
~Went to Idstein, Germany

July was a month Happiness
~Moved in to my house on July 1st. One of my happiest days. I was so ready to leave that hotel after living in it for 3 months.
~Got all my stuff back on July 5th.
~Celebrated 3 years of Blogging
~ Also turn 28 this month
~Got my industrial piercing

August was a month for Celebrating
~ Started doing Pin it or Did it hosted by H&K Style Journey
~Made a lot of DIY projects
~Show you all my Yard Sale Finds
~Cut my hair hair off
~Celebrated 9 years of marriage 
~Celebrated 11 years of being with my hubby
~Went to a wine fest in Downtown Wiesbaden

September was a month for learning
~Took a German Class to be able to speak German better
wie geht es dir

October was a month for blogger first
~Hosted BBCA(blogging for breast cancer awareness) for my 2nd year.
Thanks again to the bloggers who join me.
Kayla~ H&K Style Journey 
 Ada~ Elegance Personified
Amy~Classy In The Classroom 
Crystal~ Put some Polish on It
Victoria~ Life is Full of Beauty
~Started taking outfit post picture outside, in parking lot(a blogger first for me)
~Took my coat off in the cold for outfit pictures(a blogger first for me)
~ Went to the Lichtenberg Castle in Kusel, Germany
~Did a review on eShakti skirt
~ Went 145 days with out buying shoe
~October 29 I was featured on eShakti pinterest page under real fashion for real people( was super excited about this)

November was a month for sadness and some blogger first
~Took night pictures(Blogger first)
~Went to the  Heidelberg Castle.
~Rode my first train
~ Received the  Versatile Blogger Award. Thanks again Glamour Zone 
~Hubby cousin got murder on November 12th
~Started linking up to look what I got! Hosted by The Tiny Heart and Penniless Socialite
~Got new glasses. Which are Pink Prada Frames
~Did my 1st Pinterest Outfit Recreation post
~Won Penniless Socialite November group giveaway
 Heidelberg Castle

December was a month for doing tags
~Received the Sunshine Award. Thanks again A Not So Secret Life
~Did 3 tags post
~Went to the Sternschuppen Markt(Christmas Market)
~Started doing the nail file post. Hosted by Jennie Shaw
~Share a lot of Christmas stuff with you all. Since it is my favorite holiday
~Hit 1100 Post
~Hit 300 GFC Followers~ Thank you al again.
~Join in the Blogger Christmas Card Exchange. Thank to all the blogger who sent me Christmas Cards. Also thanks to Sunny Days and Starry Nights for hosting it again. 

2013 was a year for blogger first for me. I had some happy time and some sad times. A good amount of traveling around Germany. A good amount of changes on my blog. Which I hope you all like. Thanks again for all you support in 2013 with my move and my personal changes that I had going on. 

I ended 2013 with a total of 549 remixed outfits and 15 rediscover outfits. I won 23 Outfit of the day on Outfit Hive.

I can't wait to see what this year will bring.



  1. All images are awesome how cool to bottle wine.

  2. What an amazing year for you! Happy 2014!

  3. Congratulations on the successes of your blog. Happy New Year! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Latest post 2014:Emerald Flare

    Louisa Moje

  4. Great year for you, hope 2014 will be better than 2013.

  5. You've had a busy year!! Happy 2014 to you and your husband!!

    Jayme & Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

  6. Wow, it seems like you had such an incredible year! Here's to another one. :)

  7. What a great and exciting year! Congrats on all your accomplishments :) Hope 2014 is even better!!!

    Diary of a Debutante

  8. WOW!! Hope 2014 are full with good surprise for you!!

  9. looks like you had such a great year :) i wish you all the best !! Happy new year doll ! xx

  10. Wish you a lovely 2014 :D

    Bisous ♡

  11. That was an awesome year indeed Amy.....HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!


  12. Your photos for germany look great, I would love to visit germany x

    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness

    1. You should defiantly visit Germany. It so beautiful over here.

  13. You had a great year. I really enjoyed reading this recap. Very thorough and well-written. =) Here is to a better 2014!


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