Saturday, October 25, 2014

BBCA DAY 25: October Nails Plus Reveiw

Disclaimer: I was not paid to write this review. I was given the water decals for free to try out. All opinions are my own. 
October 25, 2014~Bowknot Leaf Rose Sticker in number C068
Hello Everyone. Today I'm back to talk about another pack of water decals that I got from Born Pretty Store.  They were nice to send me 4 packs of water decal to try out. The first one I try out was the Rainbow Flower Pattern in XF1401 which you will see down below. These water decal are super easy to use. This time around I used some tweezers to get the water decal out of the water. Which made getting them out of the water super easy.

I was able to use one whole stripe to do both my thumb and ring finger on both hand. Which is super nice. This way I still have the rest of the pack to use. For nail polish this time I went with a gel polish from Sally Hansen. The polished I use was the Sally Hansen Salon Gel Polish in Back to the Fuchsia. I have to tell you all this is one of my favorite gel polish to use. When you are using any kind of decal with gel polish. You need to use rubbing alcohol after you cured you nail to remove the stickiness. Then place the decal on you nails. After you have the decal on your nail. Use a paper towel to get the left over water off. Then top it off with top coat. 

Left~October 7, 2014, Revlon scented Parfume in 360 Bubble Gum. Under the Decals I used O.P.I. A-Ha Moment, Ring and middle finger have the  Rainbow Flower Pattern in XF1401 on them. ( The decal lasted 8 days on my nails. That with doing all my housework and other things) see review on these HERE
Middle~October 16, 2014, Broadway impress in tweet heart
Right~October 17, 2014 O.P.I. Elephantastic Pink Ribbon color is Kiss Nail Art Paint in White
This month I try out the Born Pretty Store water deal. Which I really like using them and I see myself using them in future manicure. I plan on ordering some Christmas decal. Since Christmas is my favorite holiday. Also this month I gave the Impress nails a try too. Sadly they only last a day before I took them off. 

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  1. Looks nice!


  2. lovely manicure dear..
    a big kiss

  3. Love the nail colour! :)

  4. That dark burgundy color is such a great nail color on you!

  5. Great nails! The decals are so fun! The stripes look awesome!

  6. I still haven't used water decals, or stickers even. Are they supposed to be longer lasting than stickers?

    1. yes they are supposed to last longer then the sticker. I have one with the gel polish the sticker last longer then the water decals. The water decal on my nails right now are almost all off.

    2. That sucks! I know they're very popular so I wasn't sure if that was why. lol

    3. It sure does. The water decal last 10 days with regular polish so that's nice. I have more regular polish then I do gel polish.


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