Thursday, December 13, 2012

eShakti Review: Twilight City Dress/ Christmas Party

Today Christmas Item is my Christmas Tree.

Black Tight Given to my By Manger M
  Pearl Bobbie Pins From Forever 21~2.80
Tahari Greyson~ DSW Gift from Hubby Christmas Gift
Hello Everyone. Today I have a review for you all. The lovely people at eShakti contacted me back in October to do a review for them. I was so excited because this was going to be my very first review. That I would have done. It took me two days to decide what I want to review. What I pick out was a blue top. I wait for a couple of weeks and didn't hear anything back for eShakti. So I e-mailed them and they told me they were sorry that they were waiting on the fabric for the blue shirt and if I would like I cloud pick something else. 

So that meant it was back to the drawing board for me. I went back on the site to look some more for another item. It took me another two day and I find this dress.  Which I just got in the mail on November 26. I decide that this dress would be prefect to wear to hubby Christmas party for work.
When I got the dress I was super happy on how it fit. I had the dress costumed made to fit me. Which it fits beautiful. I also choice for the dress to be below the knee and 3/4 sleeves.
If you haven't heard of  eShakti before. There a company that lets you costumed make you dress, shirt and skirts. I will  tell you this if you find something you like. You better buy it then because there site changes everyday.
I want to Thanks  eShakti for letting me do this review for them.
Disclaimer: I was sent this dress for the review. Which is mine to keep. Everything that I said is my own words. I'm not getting paid to write this.  


  1. your hair looks sooo pretty! :D beautiful skirt :)

  2. i love how they custom make everything!


  3. very cute! I am sorry for replying so late. I have been very busy these past weeks :(
    Hope you come back soon!

  4. Your dress is so cute. I have been reading some great things about eShakti. It is great that you can get everything custom made.

    I love your hair curled. It is very pretty.

    Tracy @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights

  5. Oh I love this look on you! Congrats on the review!! I am going to send your xmas gift out tomorrow, I think it will get to you on time...


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