Saturday, December 22, 2012

Tall Elf Stockings

 Hello All. Today I have my first guest post. I have Samantha From
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Tall Elf Stockings...Yes, I’ll Take Two

Tall elf stockings at first were unpleasant to me. I thought about how could anyone wear them? What would I wear with them? Where would I wear them too? These were all questions that came to mind. However, I did love how they looked and how you could get them in different colors and lengths. I loved the knee high ones. I decided to wear a cute skirt, shirt, the stockings and my boots! I loved every second of it, which I had to go out and grab another pair just to wear with another outfit!

Learn more about what they can give you when it comes down to wearing them. They have regular socks, knee high socks, thigh high socks and even full on out stockings. The colors are all over, since you can get them in any type of color imaginable and some even have patterns in them as well. Since I did choose to go with the Christmas theme, since it is the holiday time I chose to go with a glittery red and white pair, and then a shiny white and silver pair which I thought were the cutest and reminded me of snow. They each went with a few different outfits that I got for the holiday season, and they seemed to be a big hit. I also thought about getting a few pairs to gift as well since I loved them. They are also affordable as well. I found pairs as low as $1.99! So you do not have to worry about spending loads of money on these, you can still save money and be in style when the holidays roll up on you and you want to strut your stuff at all of those holiday parties.

Caution!!! They are extremely addicting! Even for people like me that were not sold on them the first time around! 


  1. You look almost like a fashion model. Your blog is great.
    I follow your blog. You can follow my blog, if you want.

    i'll back. <3

  2. Cute stockings!

    Wanna follow each other?

    Follow me on GFC or like my Facebook page and i Will follow you back;)

    Much love from Amsterdam!


  3. I've not tried elf stockings either but do sound like they'd be extra warm as we approach the winter.


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