Sunday, December 23, 2012


Green Tight Given to Me by Manger M
Gingerbread Man Knee Highs From DSW-1.73
  Snowflakes Earring and Necklace From Target~1.49 on clearance
 Snowman Scarf From The Dollar Tree~1.00  
Boots From Old Navy~34.50~ I got them for 30% off 2 year.

Hello All. Today is the last day in my Holiday Week Post. This outfit I wore yesterday to work and then to Hubby's family Christmas part. I can't being to tell you all how many people got a kick out of this outfit. 

This outfit is some what a remix outfit. I wore this sweater with this skirt last year. Just with different tights and shoe. 

Today I have to go out and get 1 more Christmas gift. Then I have to finish making my grandma gift. Also have to go buy the food for Christmas dinner. So it will be another busy day for me.

After the holiday I will be able to come visit you blogs more.

Also my mom should be coming home from the hospital today. Which makes me so happy.      

Today Christmas Item is my Secret Santa Gift. I got a work. I got a pink and orange scarf, a mirror, a cute pink headband, pink make up and a very nice smelling candle.



  1. So cute! Glad your mother is doing better :) happy holidays sweetie and cheers to an even better new year!

  2. Hi Amy.

    Your snowman sweater is adorable and that Secret Santa gift looks nice. What a cute Gift Bag. Since you love Pink, whoever chose those items, knows you well. =)

    Merry Christmas to you & your family, as well. I hope you have a great celebration. Thank you for all your kindness and support of my blog - I truly do appreciate it.

    Have a Great One, Ada. =)


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